The Girl with the Ugly Glasses

How could you NOT bust a move with tunes like those?

Two 32 year old men acting out conversations they recorded of two 60 year old women. So good.

In the Kitchen

No, I don’t have any problems cooking for myself but I often get stuck in a rut with my list of usual go-tos. Well, today I finally made something a little different involving the following.

Sauteed in the following order:
chopped spinach (frozen works well!)
tomato paste
fire roasted tomatoes
Italian herbs
zucchini after going through the spiralizer

I had a gift card to Whole Foods and decided to try out the frozen Gardein “chicken” breasts. After scooping the veggie mixture into a bowl and topping with a little parmesan, I sauteed the “Gardein”, let it rest, then sliced it into strips and placed it on top. So good! And it made enough for two dinners, so guess what I’ll be eating again later this week. Three cheers for inventing new recipes!

Watching this ice cream melt is oddly mesmerizing and very calming.


How did you forget Iggy Azalea?